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Beltane poem

Bees buzzing in their hive

Eggs–hatching ducks-swimming trees-blooming

Love with the Green Man and Mother Nature

Tendrils starting to grow on runner beans and honeysuckle

A nest filled with birds

Nourishing food for hungry animals

Entering a new month

By Leo Spencer

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May 24, 2020

Loved the Beltane poem Leo and interesting use of hyphenated words towards the beginning (eg. ducks-swimming). It really made me think of parts of the land around here, particularly near the pond in the orchard... Keep it up!


May 15, 2020

That's lovely, Leo. I really get the feeling of how busy and alive the month is. I especially like the line: 'Tendrils starting to grow on runner beans and honeysuckle' - I could see this so vividly from your words, and they seem to sum up how in Spring everything begins to be born, and how nature doesn't differentiate between 'useful' things like runner beans, and 'beautiful' things like honeysuckle. Well done you!

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