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Diary of a Veggie Sausage ep. 3 - a comedy diary

The story so far...

A veggie sausage called Mart is in the middle of the war between meat sausages and veggie sausages. He turns up living next to a meat sausage and one day gets fed up with it all and catapults himself out of the house he is in and lands in the middle of a birthday party.

Here is a link to episode 1 and 2


(Friday night! I hope that cheetah gets away from me I am not sleeping on the floor for another night)

“Ow!” that really hurt, I fell asleep on the floor! I think I’ll look around and see the smaller table to see what’s on it, I just changed my mind I will run around because I don’t want to get pounced on by a cheetah. “Whew” this is better. “Ahhhhhh”

I am falling off the table “Oh no oh no oh no.” I have fallen into a bowl of sausages I need to think of a plan but I know I can’t climb out. It’s a bowl not a plate, I guess I’ll have to go to sleep, luckily there were other veggie sausages so I wouldn’t get chucked in the bin if they were all meat eaters.


I woke up to some noise - oh no the people were coming and one picked me up oh no oh no I fell out of their hand and fell in the bin! Then I got knocked out.


It’s the morning and I really need a bath , I have bits of prawn cocktail on my head and birthday cake on my face and pizza in my hair. Luckily I found a house that had a bath in it, I was so dirty that I had to let the plug out and fill it up again. Oh when am I going to get clean?

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Great how you have kept going with the bangers and mash diary Leo, well done - look forward to one or two more episodes of this one.

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Ha ha! Veggie Sausage is not having a good week. Love the description of all the gunk he's covered with. I think he should take matters into his own hands and wage a war against the Meats! Keep going!

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