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Updated: Sep 19

10 jokes!

1 why did the dinosaur cross the road?

because chickens hadn't been invented yet!

a roaring dinosaur

2 knock knock!

who's there?


alike who?

alike you your funny!

3 what kind of bees make milk?


4 why should you take a hammer to school on the last day of school?

because its breaking up day

5 how many eggs does it take to make a stinkbomb?

quite a phew

what did the tv say when its remote broke?

I'm out of control

6 why did Tigger look down the toilet?

he was looking for pooh

7doctor, doctor I feel like packet of biscuits

what the ones with holes in them?

yes those ones

you must be crackers then!

8 what was wrong with wooden cars?

they wooden go

9 what do you call a cranky GPS

a nag-ivator

10 why did the boy bring toilet paper to the party

because he was a party pooper

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