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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

10 jokes!

1 why did the dinosaur cross the road?

because chickens hadn't been invented yet!

a roaring dinosaur

2 knock knock!

who's there?


alike who?

alike you your funny!

3 what kind of bees make milk?


4 why should you take a hammer to school on the last day of school?

because its breaking up day

5 how many eggs does it take to make a stinkbomb?

quite a phew

what did the tv say when its remote broke?

I'm out of control

6 why did Tigger look down the toilet?

he was looking for pooh

7doctor, doctor I feel like packet of biscuits

what the ones with holes in them?

yes those ones

you must be crackers then!

8 what was wrong with wooden cars?

they wooden go

9 what do you call a cranky GPS

a nag-ivator

10 why did the boy bring toilet paper to the party

because he was a party pooper

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Emma Brice
Emma Brice
Sep 22, 2020

Loved these jokes, Leo! Thanks for sharing them, always good to have a laugh. I loved the Boobies one especially, and the 'Alike you you're funny' one too.


Sep 20, 2020

Bryn thought they were awesome! What did when the alarm went wrong? It go smoke alarmed up in the skies and it crushed the roof (Bryn’s joke!)


Sep 04, 2020

Hah Hah! Excellent jokes. Here's another: What's the fastest cake in the world?


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