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just dance dance dance!

listen to 2020 songs

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Emma Brice
Emma Brice
22 de set. de 2020

Some nice tunes here, Leo! My computer struggled to load all of the videos here so took a while but great you finally got these up - well done for your perserverance and patience with the technology and for trying again. Like Claire, would love to see you have a go at stop animation. There must be some blog posts sharing how to do this with your digital camera. Might have to overlay music on digitally afterwards though, otherwise a bit of a faff to line up the tracks well when stopping and starting a hundred times! BRAVO LEO!! Liking the exploration and creativity of these different kinds of mediums (video and music).


20 de set. de 2020

We enjoyed the songs- who are they by? Could you try some stop start animation so the character moves to the music?

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