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the magical trampoline!

One day sister and brother Tim and Mary were bouncing on their old trampoline when one of the springs broke! They said to their Mum that they needed to get a new trampoline and she said yes! They looked on google for a trampoline, but there was nothing, so Tim said to Mary that they would do one more search and they found one! It was the right size, the right shape and close enough for their Dad to pick it up. Their Dad went the next day, their Dad and Mum made it by noon.

So they bounced on it as soon as it was up and they went up and up and up ,until they fell down, not back onto their own trampoline, but onto another one. They bounced off it into a world which was absolutely great. There were ice cream vans and doughnut shops with free doughnuts, but there were no people! There was a note on a tree in the shape of a Easter bunny, it said you had to take people from the dolls houses or playmobile or Lego or action figures and take them to the world they were in and they would come to life.

So straight away they jumped on the other trampoline and they went up and up and up until they dropped back into the garden and they ran to the house. They got all the goodies from all of the places and took them to the trampoline, and they went up and up and up, and they found that when they got back to the other land they all grew as high as the children. But two minutes after they all had grown there was a policeman who ran up to them and said there was a criminal disguised as a goodie who was robbing all the shops and ice cream vans, So they got all the police forces an chased him.

They jumped in the car and chased after the truck which he was in they gathered around him in a roadblock and the caught him. So they went back to the house and told there mum she said "Oh I know all about what you did i was there myself," the end.

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