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the cyclops the snowman and the dog

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

here's a story I made a few months ago it's about three children and their adventures.

The Cyclops, the Snowman and the Dog

Alice Dave and Milly fly in their private jet to Munchcake Manor. When they get there they go to sleep.

In the morning, they start searching the rooms. “OW – I got hit on the head with the hammer”, said Milly. “And I’m stuck in a web”, said Alice.

“I think I found the Professor”, said Dave. The doctor had fainted and he was on the floor. It was a dusty room with three trees in the middle. When Alice came in she fell over on something and touched a tree. “Yuck – this feels like jelly!

I’m teleporting!” Alice said. before Dave touched the tree he said to Milly "it's teleporting goo" When they landed, they found themselves in a very cold place. There was snow everywhere and it was quite dark. “They must have a different time schedule to us”, said Alice. Because it should have been the middle of the day.

Luckily they had their tents so after getting into bed they hit the sack in one second. In the middle of the night Alice got up. She heard a noise – it said “Oh dear, oh dear where have my toes gone?”

She went in the direction of the noise and saw a snowman.

“What is it?” she said.

“It’s my toes, it’s my toes”, said the snowman.

“They’ve gone – when I woke up in the middle of the night all my toes were gone.”

Alice went back to tell the others. “Milly," Dave! Come here – it’s a snowman.” When they got back they saw a Cyclops

He said “Oh you’re the people who was with the snowman”

“I am a guard at the palace – you have to do three challenges to find the toes. The spiky mountains. The acid pool and the lava cave.”

“Bagsie the acid pool”, said Alice.

When they got to the acid pool Alice was getting into the boat.

Just as she was nearly in, her foot touched the acid. “Ow it’s burnt through one of my toes!” said Alice.

“There’s only one cure now” said Dave. “We’ll have to go to the three headed dog – he has a potion that regrows skin.”

They all quickly got to the three-headed dog.Milly took one head, Dave took the other two. While they were fighting the dog off, Alice was getting on very well. Alice opened the trapdoor under the dog and went down. She followed a narrow passageway to where the potion was. The potion tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Her toe was healed in only twenty minutes.

They ran to the acid pool, before her boat was burned to a crisp she got to the end. Next time she was more careful.

In the middle of the journey she saw a toe floating in the acid. Luckily it was acid proof. She picked up snowman’s toe and put it into the boat. When she got to the end she opened the doors and they all went to the spiky mountains. Milly got over the mountains in about 50seconds “I did it I did it” chanted Milly. She was going so quick she almost missed the toe, even if she was going very slow it would be quite hard to find – it was spiked on the top of the snowiest peak. Her foot got spiked in the mountain and she needed to use some of the potion. At the lava caves Dave was swinging on vines that could barely hold his weight. One held a very heavy item and had just one root left. He quickly went over it. And it gave way just behind him. He found the toe in a crevice with a little white mouse. The little white mouse he used for his collection of white mice.

They quickly returned the toes to the snowman and it was Spring again. They found the antidote and gave it to the sick professor. But what adventures lie in the other two sticky trees?

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zero g earth

Hi I am James and I am writing this in my new floating diary I got for my birthday It is so cool I was amazed when I got it but my brother ripped it and now I'm so angry with him I could kill him. wh


May 15, 2020

great story leo :)


Charlie Bobs
Charlie Bobs
May 13, 2020

Austin and I loved your story Leo, especially the toe spiked on the snowy mountain. Keep up with the writing we look forward to more fabulous stories xxx


Apr 15, 2020

Wow, Leo, I am very impressed! Your story is brilliant - I love the way you keep making things go wrong for the children so that it's all the more satisfying when they overcome everything at the end. That's something I'm learning to do more of, too. And what a fabulous website. Well done you! xxx


Apr 02, 2020

Did you type the whole story out? Well done if you did!


Apr 02, 2020

Love the snowman story Leo. Please post a new one soon. Dad x

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