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the time machine

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

once upon a time there was a boy called Jim.and one day he was playing ping-pong with his brainy friend john. he hit a ping pong ball on an extremely loose pipe. and it fell down knocking them out. when they woke up they were still in the basement but there was one big difference...Jim felt a lot more intelligent. but john just looked as intelligent as normal Jim. he could see loads of things he could build. but then he saw one amazing option., he could build a time machine! he started building it., he took a dynamo off his bike , got his walk in closet,he took a clock off the basement walls. he installed millions of switches buttons and engines.Finally there he had it, a time machine! him and John agreed that there first stop was the NASA rocket going to the moon!he set the dial and they landed in the storage compartment. they equipped spare space suits just in time!3.2.1 lift off!they went up and up and up!2 weeks later they were approaching the moon and they landed. after all the astronauts jumped out they cautiously got out and the y saw nothing but space around them. whee I'm moon walking said john bouncing 2 meters into the air and came down again. then when they turned around they saw an alien head poking out of a crater he beckoned to them come in my home i want to show you it hes said. it was amazing inside there was alien fruits there was pictures of other family members they even had Facebook except it is called Spacebook. then the alien shut the hatch of the crater and locked it !

then put them in a moon rock prison we will eat you tomorrow said the alien. that's what you get if you stowaway in a spaceship. but they had one good thing Jim had made a remote for the time machine and teleported it to him. they jumped into the time machine and they were off!when they entered the earths atmosphere the time machine started melting aah! they both said they plummeted to the ground but John just switched the time machine to the future but they both knocked there heads against the roof and when they woke up there was no time machine and everything was back where it was supposed to be. we have to get hit on the head by pipes more often said Jim.

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