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zero g earth

Hi I am James and I am writing this in my new floating diary I got for my birthday

It is so cool I was amazed when I got it but my brother ripped it and now I'm so angry with him I could kill him. whew that was hard work, sorry I went of on such a tangent but you'll have to get used to it. My mum always says that I dwell on the past too much and I think she's right. Anyways back to the story, I am one of the 2,000 humans who left earth to find another planet, all we took was a few weapons, food and water. Just before the ship had run out of fuel we landed on an earth! Except there was one flaw- it was zero g so it did not have any gravity(like my brother will when I knock him into the air) sorry of on a tangent again. So we had to adapt by wearing magnetic boots and securing houses with ropes,- by law all cars needed magnetic wheels to drive on the metal roads and boats needed to be secured to the seabed by ropes to deliver cargo. On zero g earth(floaty earth for short) there were 3 main continents, safvana

tundraa and desat(my home country) of course there were also 5 sub continents. these continents did not have many rules and were almost uninhabited. These were iland, caveland, scyland, driland and swamppland these were all dark and gloomy places were only bandits, gangsters and robbers lived. there was always a fight going on there. What ever you stole was taken right away. One day a brave explorer set out on a mission to see what it was like at the sub-continents. He never came back. This freaked everyone out and they never went there again. So the reason I am writing this diary is because if my mum and dad find it they will know were I have gone.

Day one of traveling 2 December 3067, a day after my birthday

told my dad that there was a overnight hike at school and I needed to pack a lot.

Yes! After asking a few questions he took me to school to drop me off the next day and I started my 'hike'.

day 2 of travelling 3 December 3067

Day two is always annoying. on day one your all refreshed and ready to go but day two everything is hurting and you know you still have a few months to go till you get there. I met a lady on the way and we got chatting, She was going to see her family in safvana and she was so excited. Anyway when we got to the port she was going on a different boat to me so we parted and I slipped unnoticed onto my cargo boat going to


thank you for reading this diary If you would like to hear more just email me at legomastro1234(at) next time it will be the storie of James getting to driland and the boat journey there. thanks for reading!

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