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Lego Aliens

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We meet Alice, Dave and Franny again in their hangout down on Peace and Quiet Close until they saw a hologram of the second sticky tree saying they need to go to the second sticky tree. So off they went in their private jet to Munchkake manor down to the professor’s office and touched the sticky tree not knowing what would be inside! When they got out the other side Dave reached his hand up to scratch his head but all he touched was a bump. Then he knew the terrible truth, they had been sucked into the Lego World “Oh no!” was all he could say. Suddenly a Lego builder dragged them into a nearby house “The aliens are coming.” He said. They knew they had to help him, “Right get me your best troops we need to think of a plan to get these aliens out of this world,” Said Dave. “Right, what should we do?” Dave explained maybe we get the aliens to the bank. The Bank manager could use his jewel heat laser and then the army could use the underground tunnels. The aliens would be occupied in dodging the heat lasers so they could take the aliens by surprise and the battle would be finished in minutes.

Right it’s time to put this plan into action said Franny so they waited on the road to the bank behind a tree until they saw the aliens. They talked to the bank manager to get ready on the walkie talkie and then they went to the underground tunnels and they got the signal so they went to the bank and they surprise attacked the aliens. And like they said the battle was over in minutes the aliens ran away from the bank and sped away in there spaceship the Lego people all gave Franny, Dave and Alice a high five and then the Lego Dave, Franny and Alice touched the sticky tree and they appeared in the Munchkake manor and went back to Peace and Quiet Close.

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